Nader's Lay-A-Way Program (In Store Only)
1.  Lay-a-ways can range anywhere from 3 to 6 months.  Not all merchandise is available for the lay-a-way program.
2.  Lay-a-way guarantees the price for a limited time.  It DOES NOT guarantee product availabilty.
3.  Advance notice must be given to assure merchandise is available when customer is ready for it (2-3 weeks).
4.  Payment is due at least once every 30 days or price cannot be guaranteed.
5.  There are no refunds on lay-a-ways.  Money can be used as store credit toward any other items.
Nader's Financing Options (In Store Only)
Credit Based Financing.
Options: 1) 12 Months, No Interest (if paid in full at the end of 12 months) purchase above $399.
              2)   6 Months, No Interest (if paid in full at the end of 6 months) purchase below $399.
              3)  Straight Finance - 9.99% interest rate
Non-Credit Based Financing.
90 Day Payment Option.
Early buyout discount after 90 Days
     1) Must have an open checking account that has been active for the last 3 months.
                   -No NSF's or excessive overdrafts:
                   -Must show at least $500 deposited a month and have at least five transactions to be considered active.
     2) Must be employed for the past six months at the same job (No Temp service).
     3) Must gross more than $1000 per month.
     The following documents are required if ALL of the above are met:
                   -Most recent 30 day bank statement (all pages)
                   -Most recent paycheck stub with year to date information
                   -Voided check -or- Bank Account Verification form (check must match account on bank statement).
                   -Copy of photo ID.
Nader's In-House Financing
Credit Based Financing
Approved through Nader's Company.
       - Photo ID
       - Recent Paycheck stub